Wednesday Challenge 2021

New lockdown - new Challenges!

With the cancellation of the start of my classes (yet again!) I am starting a new set of Wednesday Challenges to keep you going until we meet again.

I've started a new page for the New Year, but you are still welcome to try one of the old challenges, all of which can be found HERE.

Do have a go, and I will publish any images you send me on the Wednesday Challenge Gallery page. You can email your images to:


9. Gone to Seed.

This week's challenge might be more suitable for a drawing than a painting, although there's no reason you can't draw with a brush, and colour is always welcome!

Looking round my garden I see beautiful skeletal patterns of last year's seed heads. If you have already cut yours down, you might look out for some when you are out for a walk. If you can't find any seed heads you like, have a look at the patterns of tree branches against the sky.

Buds haven't started bursting yet, so the striking structures are visible everywhere. 

8. Born with a Silver Spoon...

We use our cutlery every day, but hardly give it a second look. This week's challenge is to draw or paint some cutlery. It might be picnic forks, or everyday spoons, or something for special occasions. Are there attractive colours, or nice patterns? Do they sparkle? How can you arrange them?

7. Time for a Treat.

We're still in lockdown, the weather is grim - I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels they would like a treat right now, to cheer them up.

Well - I've eaten all the chocolates, I'm down to my last lemon, and there's nothing on the box...what can you suggest to brighten my day?

6. What Goes Around...

This week, look for some things in your home which are round - circular or spherical. Once you start looking you will find there are lots more than you imagine, so try to find some less obvious ones. Have fun!

5. No Pain No Gain...

We are being advised to take daily exercise, so let's see what you are doing, or perhaps what you wish you were doing! I would like to see your exercise equipment, whatever you are using in your daily exercise, be it walking stick, running shoes (no, me neither!), the stairs... Or you could show us what you would be doing in different circumstances: swimming, paragliding, dancing, sailing. I wait to be surprised!

4. Feeling Fruity.

Or vegetabley if you like! This week I'm asking you to have a look at the inside of your fruit or vegetables, at the mysterious and beautiful patterns that are hidden inside. Try an orange or lemon, even an apple is rather lovely. A red cabbage or onion is more spectacular, but even ordinary green ones are interesting. Have a look inside whatever you happen to have. Notice how it makes a difference which direction you make the cut.

This could be a straightforward study, or an unusual still life, or you may want to take it further and develop an abstract design from the patterns you find. Printing from your vegetable is another possibility. 

See what you can find.

3. I Made That!

Everyone has made something, even if it's just a sandwich! I know you are all creative people, so show us what you have made. It might be something you made a long time ago, or a new skill you have been learning. Whatever it is, big or small, let's see a drawing or painting of it.

2. Four Legs Good.

This week draw or paint something which stands on four legs - with or without feet.

It can be animate or inanimate, big or small, but preferably actually standing on all its four legs, unlike my cat who refused to stand up for her photo!

You need to make sure you get the perspective right, so that it really looks as though all four legs or feet are on the same level surface. Good luck!

1. A Mixed Bag.

Where would we be without a bag? This week's subject could be a handbag, a shopping bag, a suitcase (maybe already packed for that longed-for holiday?), or any other kind of bag you can think of. A new Christmas bag or an old favourite. It can be closed, or open to display the interesting contents, or perhaps an arrangement of several beautiful bags. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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