Wednesday Challenge 2021

New lockdown - new Challenges!

With the cancellation of the start of my classes (yet again!) I am starting a new set of Wednesday Challenges to keep you going until we meet again.

I've started a new page for the New Year, but all the old challenges can be found HERE.

Do have a go, and I will publish any images you email me on the Wednesday Challenge Gallery page.


2. Four Legs Good.

This week draw or paint something which stands on four legs - with or without feet.

It can be animate or inanimate, big or small, but preferably actually standing on all its four legs, unlike my cat who refused to stand up for her photo!

You need to make sure you get the perspective right, so that it really looks as though all four legs or feet are on the same level surface. Good luck!

1. A Mixed Bag.

Where would we be without a bag? This week's subject could be a handbag, a shopping bag, a suitcase (maybe already packed for that longed-for holiday?), or any other kind of bag you can think of. A new Christmas bag or an old favourite. It can be closed, or open to display the interesting contents, or perhaps an arrangement of several beautiful bags. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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