Day to day information for students, and other news.

I will take the usual break over the school summer holidays, then I intend to restart the classes from September. I will be in touch with students nearer the time. 

I will continue to post any relevant news or information regarding the classes here.

Please note: Students who require a refund should contact me.

I am currently exhibiting some paintings in the 

Ongar Art Society Summer Exhibition.

This is an online exhibition, please click here:

ongar art society

I offer three email watercolour courses:

Just One Brush, More Brushes, and No Brushes.

Each course comprises 8 pdf pages, packed with information, ideas and exercises, with plentiful coloured illustrations. 


The courses take the student through a series of steps, exploring the handling of brushes and other implements, and the nature of the paint itself, and encouraging a deeper understanding of the medium.

The exercises allow the student to practice and experiment with different techniques and concepts,

meanwhile growing in confidence as they build their skills.

They have been very well received by my students, so I am now happy to offer them more widely. 

They are designed to be worked on in order, but in fact each one can be studied on it's own.

Please get in touch if you would like to purchase any of the three courses.

£25.00 each.

Students from the courses say:

   "Thank you Susan for your encouragement and help. Looking forward to next course (although I am still trying to perfect the first one!!)"

   "I’m enjoying the course and learning from it. It made me look at my brushes and I realised what a bad selection I have... I have now sent away for some new brushes."

   "Hi Susan, In playing with the course, I did different ones of each [exercise] using different brushes.  The one brush technique I always find difficult, and want to go back in.  I keep playing, which I enjoy doing, and one day I might get it. Till then it is fun trying.  Thank you."

   "Yes please enrol me on your new course - I have found refreshing my watercolour brush techniques good fun!"

   "Please enrol me on ‘More Brushes’.  I have found ‘Just One Brush’ really useful in reminding me what watercolour should be!" 

   "Learning how to paint using watercolour has been amazing.  Actually just getting to grips with a brush has been a learning curve.  Thank you so much for all your guidance."


I am not posting new challenges at present, but all the challenges can be found here.

I have a new selection of paintings on display 

at the delightful

Wonky Wheel Gallery. (Finchingfield)

If you are interested in having a closer look, or in purchasing, please contact the gallery.

The gallery is now open again, and can also be viewed online: go to:

Lockdown Trees (6) 30.jpg
Lockdown Trees (7) 30.jpg
Lockdown Trees (1) 20.jpg