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 Covid-19 Coronavirus


Some of the queries I have received from students suggest to me that not everyone has understood the information I have been giving out, so here is the gist of it again:

* I can not predict what the circumstances will be in September regarding the virus and the relevant guidelines given at that time. I am basing my proposal on the current guidelines.

* Having been told I am in a vulnerable group myself, I am determined to take the minimum amount of risk possible, so I intend to be as careful as possible. 

* I will not be using either the Chelmer Room at Margaretting or Writtle village hall, as they are too small for us to be properly socially distanced according to current guidelines.

* I have been offered certain time slots to use the large hall at Margaretting, and I wanted to make a decision on which to book as quickly as possible before someone else took them.

* The immediate responses I received after I sent out group emails to students indicated that the Wednesday morning booking would not be viable for me, so I have booked Monday and Thursday afternoons.

* The Watercolour class and the Life Drawing class both involve people getting close to one another, so these have both been cancelled for the foreseeable future. 

* The two classes I am proposing will be run roughly on the lines of the 4 X 3 classes, which would involve different short projects throughout the term. 

* I would be offering these classes to any students who would like to come, regardless of which class they were in before.

* Social distancing according to current guidelines means there will be room for 10 students per class.

* At the time of writing 24 students have registered an interest. Obviously, they will not all fit as it stands, but I anticipate there will be some dropping out before autumn, so I am still taking names.

* I am not offering to enroll anyone in the classes yet. I am only asking for students to register an interest. I cannot make any definite plans as yet. 

* Anyone who has paid already is welcome to request a refund of their fees now, or any time.

* All my plans are provisional at the moment, and I don't know how the situation might change in the next 3 months. I will not be able to make proper decisions until nearer the time.




Update on proposed September classes.

I have been contacted by enough students to fill the Monday afternoon and the Thursday afternoon slots. As only one student opted for the Wednesday morning I will only be booking the two afternoon slots. It is always possible that some may decide to drop out before the start, so if anyone else would like to put their name down I will have a reserve list, as usual. 

There are still a few people whose money I am holding, but who haven't put their name down for September, so I think it would be a good time for them to contract me about a refund, if they want to.


It will come as no surprise that I will be cancelling the proposed Life Drawing Workshop, to have been held on 3rd July. I will be in touch with students to refund their payments.

      I have recently been contacted by the village hall where I hold most of my classes, regarding my intentions for September classes, assuming the hall will be open then. It is very difficult to work out how to hold the classes with the restrictions in place, but I have proposed some provisional plans, which may well alter with time. The student numbers will be severely restricted, so initially I have contacted just those students whose payments for next term I am holding. If it turns out I can accommodate more, I will next contact those who signed up but didn't get round to paying. This seems to me to be the fairest way.

Please note that my plans are provisional, and I will post more details here when I have them.


Proposed Watercolour Workshop on 5-6-20 to be cancelled.

I will therefore return the student's payments made to me for this day. If you have not already given me your bank details, or would prefer a cheque, please contact me. 


The future is still uncertain, but I can say definitely that the classes will not be returning at all this (the Summer) term. 


It is with regret that I have decided to cancel the remaining art classes for this (the Spring) term.

I will, of course, reimburse you all for the three remaining classes, and for the workshop scheduled for Friday 20th.

   Next term's classes were due to start on April 21st. I have no idea, as yet, how long this will have to be postponed, but I will watch the news and government advice carefully, and make a decision nearer the time. 

   To those of you who have already paid for next term - thank you. I am still accepting payments, and I am keeping careful records, as usual. You should make sure you have your receipt from me, although the dates on it will be pure fiction! Once we are up and running again, those payments will be valid for the new term. If you have a problem with me holding your money until then, please get in touch with me.

Please watch this space for news about next term. This is where I will post any relevant news.

Please note: Students - you will all have to contact me to let me know how you would like me to reimburse you, and I will need you to acknowledge receipt of the payment. 

I am currently exhibiting some paintings at the delightful

Wonky Wheel Gallery. (Finchingfield)

The gallery is now open again

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Life Drawing - Friday 3rd July 2020 CANCELLED

I will shortly be contacting the students to refund their payments.


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