Day to day information for students, and other news.

I am pleased to say that I will be re-starting my life drawing classes in June. This class is now full.

I will take the usual break over the school summer holidays, then I hope to be running more classes from September. I will be in touch with students nearer the time. 

I will continue to post any relevant news or information regarding the classes here.

Please note: Students who require a refund should contact me.

My online watercolour course: Just One Brush was posted on 17th March,

and the follow up course, More Brushes, was posted on 19th April.

Students from the 'Just One Brush' course say:

   "Thank you Susan for your encouragement and help. Looking forward to next course (although I am still trying to perfect the first one!!)"

   "I’m enjoying the course and learning from it. It made me look at my brushes and I realised what a bad selection I have... I have now sent away for some new brushes."

   "Hi Susan, In playing with the course, I did different ones of each [exercise] using different brushes.  The one brush technique I always find difficult, and want to go back in.  I keep playing, which I enjoy doing, and one day I might get it. Till then it is fun trying.  Thank you."

   "Yes please enrol me on your new course - I have found refreshing my watercolour brush techniques good fun!"

   "Please enrol me on ‘More Brushes’.  I have found ‘Just One Brush’ really useful in reminding me what watercolour should be!" 


I am not posting new challenges at present, but all the challenges can be found here.

I have a new selection of paintings on display 

at the delightful

Wonky Wheel Gallery. (Finchingfield)

If you are interested in having a closer look, or in purchasing, please contact the gallery.

The gallery is now open again, and can also be viewed online: go to:

Lockdown Trees (6) 30.jpg
Lockdown Trees (7) 30.jpg
Lockdown Trees (1) 20.jpg